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PMCC’s ASICs offer a great value for security systems. In port and airport screening systems ASICs offer high-quality, high accuracy and fast processing of analog signals supplied by the high sensitivity detectors. These systems allow security personnel to closely monitor activity in a particular area and quickly identify any potential threats or suspicious behavior. Cargo and luggage screening systems that employ X-ray and gamma ray detectors permit security personnel to detect and identify banned items more efficiently.

PMCC’s ASICs integrate advanced features covering a wide range of frequencies, large number of channels and high data throughputs. These features are particularly valuable in complex airport and port security systems. The advantages of using PMCC’s ASICs for security applications are:

  • High-speed: It is achieved by providing fast sampling rate and precise data conversion. This results in improved accuracy and reliability of security sensor readouts.
  • High sensitivity: PMCC’s ASICs can be used in high sensitivity systems to accurately capture low-level signals.
  • Low power consumption: Many security systems operate on battery or have other reasons to minimize power consumption.
  • Small form factor: Many security systems are portable, thus, require a small form factor, which is supported by PMCC’s ASICs.
  • High resolution: PMCC’s ASICs provide high-resolution data conversion, which increases the security system’s ability to identify illegal goods or materials.
  • Customizability: ASICs parameters and features such as the number of digitizing bits, signal sampling rate, bandwidth, data interface throughput and format, testing and control functions can be customized to meet the specific needs of the security systems. This enables the customer to optimize systems for the specific application.

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