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PMCC’s ASICs offer a great value for Fiber Optic, Wireless and Wired Communication products and solutions. PMCC’s offered ADCs and DACs are critical components for devices such as fiber optic transceivers and cellular/wired network equipment. They support high-speed and high-precision signal processing required for transmitting and receiving data over long distances with minimal loss and distortion. PMCC’s ADCs and DACs are ideal for use in high-end Telecom systems, delivering:

PMCC’s ADCs and DACs are ideal for use in high-end Telecom systems, delivering:

  • Higher throughput by providing faster analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog signal conversion and lower latency.
  • Higher accuracy: ASICs are designed to accurately capture incoming analog signals, which is essential for high precision systems.
  • Low power consumption: It meets the needs of products for power efficiency and low heat dissipation.
  • Small form factor: High ASIC integration level and compact packages support small form factor and convenient integration into systems.
  • Customizability: PMCC’s ASICs can be customized to meet specific Telecom system needs, such as the ADC/DAC resolution, sampling rate, signal bandwidth, output data interface – enabling the system to be optimized for a specific application.

Our ASICs offer great benefits for the Telecom industries, enabling them to implement high-speed and high-quality signal processing with reduced system dimensions, power consumption, and cost.

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We design complete ASICs from spec to silicon. Tell us what you need, and our team will develop a solution to your exact specifications. Contact us to talk with one of our IC Solution Consultants.



PMCC now offers RF spectrometer ASIC and PCB level solutions for purchase directly or online through our partner Digikey . Check out our growing selection of products available for purchase.