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Analog ASIC Design Engineer

Job Description:

We are looking for MSEE/PhD Graduate with experience to join our team.


  • Design, development, and optimization of ADCs, DACs, VGAs, Band-gap reference circuits.
  • Evaluating requirements and preparing specifications for analog circuits and mixed-signal blocks.
  • Integration of high-performance analog, RF, mixed signal, and digital functional blocks.
  • Analysis and design of PLLs including simulation of: Stability, Bandwidth, Jitter transfer, Jitter generation.
  • Testing circuits to ensure operational safety, recording and analyzing results, proposing modifications as necessary.
  • Modifying circuit prototypes to correct identified issues.
  • Designing layouts or managing layout designers for analog and mixed signal blocks.
  • Verilog coding (including Verilog A).
  • Staying well-informed of the latest technological advances and industry trends in the ASIC design.

40 hours/week.
Job Site: Culver City, CA
If interested, e-mail your resume to us at:


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