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National Labs, Universities, Nuclear and High Energy Physics Facilities

PMCC’s ASICs and ASIC based solutions offer a great value for processing signals of gamma ray and X-ray single photon sensitive detectors such as SiPMs and PMTs. PMCC offers several ASICs, a range of cutting-edge customizable IP blocs and sub-systems for developing detector signal processing solutions to be used in the nuclear and high energy physics instruments at National Labs and Universities.

  • Dynamic range: Particle Detectors can produce very low- as well as high-amplitude signals. PMCC’s ASICs with a wide dynamic range can accurately capture the full range of detector output signals without saturation or loss of information.
  • Resolution: PMCC’s ADCs built into ASICs provide higher resolution for more precise measurements and allow for more accurate interpretation of detector signals.
  • Sampling rate: As single photon sensitive detectors produce short duration pulses, high sampling rate PMCC’s ASICs ensure accurate capture of these signals.
  • Noise performance: PMCC’s ASICs offer high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and sufficient effective number of bits (ENOB) values?. These parameters minimize the impact of the noise on the read-out detector signal.
  • Integration and features: PMCC’s ASICs include blocks and features that facilitate integration of these ASICs with other components or functions required for readout of SiPM, PMT or other single photon sensitive detectors. These blocks include PLLs, ADCs, standard compliant data interfaces, temperature, voltage and process (PVT) sensors, digital signal processing (DSP) blocks as well as calibration and parameter programming functions.
  • Power consumption: PMCC’s ASICs offer an excellent balance between high performance and low power consumption to fit your specific power/performance requirements.
  • Validation and reliability: PMCC’s ASICs have been specifically designed and validated for dynamic range and small wavelength applications to ensure compatibility and reliability.
  • High-Speed and precision: Nuclear and High-Energy Physics experiments generate enormous amounts of data. PMCC’s ASICs provide high resolution and high digitizing rates to accurately capture the fast and low amplitude signals. The ASICs support streaming readout, event building, data compression, serialization and convenient transmission of over high-speed data links.
  • Radiation hardening: Nuclear and especially high energy physics instrumentation environment exposes detector readout electronics to significant radiation levels. For these applications, PMCC offers radiation-hardened ASICs which can tolerate TIDs in the Mrad range.

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