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Pacific MicroCHIP Corp. (PMCC) was incorporated in 2006. It is headquartered in Culver City, California. Our main focus is on providing IC/ASIC design services, IP, ASIC components and turnkey solutions. PMCC’s office includes the working space for engineers and a laboratory for the ASIC testing.

IC/ASIC Design Services:

  • Circuit Design (analog, RF/mixed, digital)
  • Simulation
  • Physical Design
  • Chip Assembly

Turnkey Solutions:

  • ASIC Design
  • Chip Fabrication Logistics
  • Package Development
  • Chip Packaging
  • PCB Development for Testing/Evaluation
  • Testing/Characterization (an in-house lab)
  • Delivery of Chips, Parts and Board Level Solutions

ASIC Design Expertise:

  • Analog (ADC/DAC, CTF, CTLE, VGA, BG, LDO, sensors)
  • Mixed Signal (PLL, CDR, SerDes, MDrv, TIA)
  • RF (LNA, Mixer/Modulator, PA)
  • Digital (RTL, Synthesis, P&R, Timing Closure, DFT, Verifications)
  • Layout (CMOS/SiGe) analog/RF/digital down to 7nm


We design complete ASICs from spec to silicon. Tell us what you need, and our team will develop a solution to your exact specifications. Contact us to talk with one of our IC Solution Consultants.



PMCC now offers RF spectrometer ASIC and PCB level solutions for purchase directly or online through our partner Digikey . Check out our growing selection of products available for purchase.