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PMCC’s ASICs offer great value for radiology and spectroscopy devices used in medicine. These devices require high accuracy and precision in acquisition and processing analog signals from X-ray and gamma ray detectors. Spectroscopy is used for a variety of purposes, including disease diagnosis and drug development. It also plays a critical role in areas such as molecular biology, biochemistry, and clinical diagnostics. PMCC also offers a range of customizable IP solutions to develop cutting-edge radiological and spectroscopy devices.

The advantages of using PMCC’s ASICs in radiological and spectroscopy devices are:

  • High precision and accuracy. These parameters are critical for accurate acquisition, processing and interpreting of measured parameters relevant to the healthcare related applications referenced above.
  • Designed specifically for a particular application based on client specifications, such as high resolution, low noise, faster response time and higher data throughput which ultimately result in better healthcare outcomes.
  • Lower power consumption, reduced heat dissipation, and increased reliability (when compared with existing solutions), offer improvement of competitiveness of healthcare products and applications.
  • Easy to integrate with other components in the system, leading to a more compact and efficient design for portable or wearable applications where size and weight constraints are critical. This simplifies the design, manufacturing, testing and calibration of medical devices.
  • High resolution, is critical to improving diagnosis accuracy, reducing healthcare cost, and improving healthcare outcomes.
  • Lower noise and distortion of our ASIC based solutions, compared to off-the-shelf component based systems, provide more accurate diagnoses, improved patient outcomes, and lower healthcare costs.

For more information see products here and IP Portfolio here.


We design complete ASICs from spec to silicon. Tell us what you need, and our team will develop a solution to your exact specifications. Contact us to talk with one of our IC Solution Consultants.



PMCC now offers RF spectrometer ASIC and PCB level solutions for purchase directly or online through our partner Digikey . Check out our growing selection of products available for purchase.