Pacific MicroCHIP Corp. is looking for talented analog, RF and mixed signal IC/ASIC design engineers to work on variety of challenging projects using cutting edge technologies. We offer competitive compensation and a highly professional environment at our office in Culver City, California.
Current Job Openings:
Test EngineerĀ - posted May 18th, 2018

Job Description:

Pacific Microchip Corp. is looking for a Test Engineer who would be responsible for:

-Designing PCBs for testability
-Writing microcontroller/FPGA firmware for testability/interface with PC
-Writing software to interface with microcontrollers
-Using test equipment, and automating test equipment
-Detailed characterization and understanding of components
-Steady hand when soldering (be able to solder at least 0603 SMD parts by hand with good precision)
-Maintaining organized lab environment

Job Requirements:

-Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering
-Minimum 2 years experience
If you are interested in working for Pacific MicroCHIP Corp., please send your resume to: